Singing To End Hunger

A Huge THANK YOU! To all the organizers, singers, choir directors, musicians, and other volunteers—plus those who came to participate as audience members, we want to express our great appreciation.

It’s amazing what you accomplished!

• 41: number of concerts across Canada!
• 3,980: total number of people engaged, including 930 volunteers
• $98,000: amount raised for Canadian Foodgrains Bank to support conservation agriculture projects
• 2,500: number of postcards sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking for more support for small-scale farmers

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After the 3:1 match by the federal government, a total of $392,000 will be channeled to projects that provide training for farmers like Nancy and Lukas Makau, and their four-year-old son Damien, of Kenya. This young family implemented conservation agriculture techniques they learned through a project of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Read Nancy and Lukas’ story here. Learn more about the Conservation Agriculture programming here.

A message from Jim Cornelius, Executive Director of the Foodgrains Bank: “On behalf of Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its members—as well as those who benefit from your support—I want to extend my deep appreciation to all the volunteers and participants in the Spring Into Song cross-Canada initiative. You have given generously of your time, money, expertise and skills to lift up communities here and around the world in a spirit of global cooperation.”

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A message from Ron Klusmeier: “I am profoundly grateful for the support received from nearly 4,000 Canadians who participated in 2016’s ‘Spring into Song’. What started as a dream during a shower manifested itself as an outpouring of song and caring in communities from coast to coast. Thank you, dear friends, for singing my songs and hymns to help feed the hungry.”

Many of you told us that you would be interested in doing this again next year. We would be happy to keep you informed as NEW SONGS & MATERIALS are being developed for 2017. Click here to register or simply to let us know you are interested.

The map below shows the concerts that were held from April to June 2016. Share this page with your friends or others you know who would be interested in organizing a concert for 2017. See photos further down or visit our Flickr album.


“Spring Into Song” is an initiative of Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Musiklus with generous support by the Government of Canada. It is a highly accessible work comprised of music, narration, and projected images all linked by a common thematic thread of justice and the goal of ending hunger. The music requires minimal rehearsal commitments with maximum satisfaction for singers and musicians.musiklus concert


Participation in “Spring Into Song” will support the Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s Good Soil advocacy campaign to help small-scale farmers around the world. Funds raised at concerts will go to projects that help farmers receive training and support to better their lives. Donations to this program will receive additional financial support on a matching basis from the Government of Canada, through the Global Affairs Canada.


In 2012-13, Ron Klusmeier and Christina Bogucki of Musiklus offered their Tour of a Lifetime, with concerts to benefit Canadian Foodgrains Bank. They presented 126 concerts from coast to coast in support of ending global hunger. They have designed “Spring Into Song” as a new opportunity for Canadians to support the work of Canadian Foodgrains Bank for 2016, based on the music of Ron Klusmeier.

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