Room at the table for Zewedu from Ethiopia

Zewedu Tefera is an 81 year-old man from Ethiopia who spent much of his life grazing lifestock. During that time, pastoralists in his village had to walk two hours with their livestock to get them water. About 12 years ago, a new pond was contructed in the community. Patoralists and their animals can now only have to walk about 15 minutes to access the pond.

The pond was made possible by Canadian Foodgrains Bank, which funded a food-for-work project. Community members, including Zewedu, were given food rations in exchange for their labour building the pond. Now he volunteers to maintain and manage it.

“I want to be sure it continues to serve the community,” he says. Zewedu has already identified some of the young men from his community who will replace him when he can no longer look after the pond. “They understand how important this water is. They will make sure the legacy continues.”

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