Room at the table for Veronica of Sri Lanka

Veronica Amma lives in Sri Lanka. She has had a challenging life. Veronica never had the opportunity to go to school, as she began actively working on a farm at the age of ten. Her oldest daughter was born partially disabled—she can’t talk, has vision only in one eye, and has trouble walking. Veronica is also now widowed.

For many years she struggled to provide for her family, often going into debt to buy food. Then Veronica was invited to take part in a program through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. For the first time in her life, she took training in farming practices and gardening to be able to produce more of her own food. She also received high quality seeds to plant a new crop. While she was waiting for her crops to grow, she received payment for working on community projects that would help reduce future flooding.

She has successfully grown peanuts, rice, and vegetables. She sold the peanuts and vegetables in the local market, but she was so proud of her rice she kept it to feed to her own family. She is happy to have more knowledge and tools to help provide for her family.

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