Room at the table for Tinku and Ridika Prananik from India

Tinku Prananik is the mother of a young daughter named Ridika. They live in the Sundarbans region of India, along the Bay of Bengal. It is a beautiful area, but prone to flooding. When it floods, salt deposits from the ocean make it difficult to grow a crop.

Like many mothers around the world, Tinku does the best she can to give Ridika a good start to life. She and her husband usually manage to provide enough for their little girl on his salary doing TV repair. But when crops fail, people have less money to spend—and there is little work for Tinku’s husband. As a result, getting enough to eat is difficult. For little Ridika, that meant eating very little—losing out on nutrition that is so important to young children.

Fortunately, Tinku was able to take her to a nutrition centre supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. At the centre, Ridika was one of 650 children to get healthy food to help them grow and develop. Their mothers also received nutrition and childrearing support from nurses.

Tinku is grateful for the care and support. “One day I’d like to see my girl doing nursing work, teaching rural women how to care for their babies, like the nurses in this project.”

Click here for a printable PDF version of Tinku and Ridika’s story.

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