Room at the table for Shapla from Bangladesh

Shapla is a four year-old girl who lives with her parents and three year-old sister in rural Bangladesh. Life is hard for the family. Each morning her father gets up very early in hopes of being selected as a day labourer. Before their mother also goes out to find work, she must first prepare the children for school.

However, some days she could not afford to feed the children breakfast. As a result, Shapla was often too tired to play with her classmates at school and her sister, Ruth, often stayed home sick. Their mother was embarrassed she could not provide more for her children.

Then the family received assistance through a program supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through the program, the children got high-energy biscuits each morning before school.

“Shapla is no longer too tired to go to school, and Ruth has only missed two days of school”, says her mother. Shapla’s teacher wrote the following comments in a report on her progress: “Shapla arrives at school early every day and is gaining weight. She no longer falls asleep in the morning during her lessons.”

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