Room at the table for Negeso Feyiso from Ethiopia

Negeso Feyiso of Ethiopia works hard at three jobs to support his eight children. He strives to create a better life for them, but despite his hard work it’s a struggle to provide for his family. His greatest wish is that they get an education and stay in school. “Life is a struggle,” he says of how hard it is to earn enough money to send his children to school.

Feyiso’s children are able to go to school with assistance from Canadian Foodgrains Bank. The Foodgrains Bank provides the family with food so they don’t have to spend so much of their small income on groceries.

Negeso never had the opportunity to go to school, but now his children are teaching him what they are learning in school. “I feel great because my children are now able to go to school,” he says. “It makes me very happy. My advice to my children is to focus on their education. It is a way out of poverty.”

“The help we receive from Canada has reduced the burden on me. It is a great support for my family.”

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