Room at the table for Nallaretnam from Sri Lanka

Nallaretnam Jeyamala is a mother of a little girl. They live in Sri Lanka, an island country in the Indian Ocean.

For many Sri Lankan families, providing for their children is extremely difficult. But for Nallaretnam, there are additional challenges. She lost her leg during Sri Lanka’s 26-year old civil war. As a result of her disability she lost her job as a labourer, and no one else wanted to hire her.

For several years, she managed to get by. But when drought came, food shortages made it hard to feed her young daughter. Unable to watch her daughter going hungry, Jeyamala often went hungry herself, giving her daughter the only food she could afford.

Through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, she got a chance to work again by helping to maintain local roads and drains. With the money she earned, she bought rice, oil, and other essential commodities to support her family. Nallaretnam says she’s grateful for the opportunity to work again. “I am really happy to see my daughter enjoy meals three times a day now.”

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