Room at the table for Martha from South Sudan

Martha is one year-old. She, along with her mother, Sarah, and siblings are from South Sudan, a country that is devastated by civil war. People in their hometown of Leer have been killed. With their lives in danger, and no food available, Martha’s mother felt that she had no choice but to flee with her three little children to get help.

After walking for three days, Sarah and her children arrived at a refugee camp. The trip and lack of food over many weeks took its toll, especially on Martha. The little girl was visibly suffering from severe acute malnutrition; without immediate help, she would soon die.

Through a program funded by Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Martha was given Plumpynut, a special supplementary food that helps extremely malnourished children regain their health.

Over the course of eight weeks, Sarah brought Martha to the clinic for screening and to receive a weekly supply of Plumpynut. “She is now happy and playful again, with an increased appetite,” says Sarah. “I fear what might have happened to my daughter without this program.”

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