Room at the table for Kipara from Tanzania

Kipara lives in Tanzania with his wife, Rose, and their seven children—five of their own and two godchildren whose parents have died.

Like many people in their country, Kipara and Rose grow most of the food they need to feed the family. As there is often too little rain in their area, the farm fields would not grow enough food. This often meant that they had to make difficult decisions, such as whether to buy food for the children or medicine when they were sick. They also couldn’t afford to send the children to school.

With help with from Canadian Foodgrains Bank, Kipara was able to take basic agricultural training. He started to farm using new ways of taking care of the soil, called conservation farming, and dug a drainage channel to help direct rain water to his fields.

Because of this training, Kipara has been able to produce more food for his family. Neighbours have taken an interest, so he is also teaching them new methods to help increase food production throughout his community.

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