Room at the table for Hadiza from Niger

Hadiza lives in Niger, a country in western Africa that borders the Sahara desert. She and her husband, Mohammed, care for 20 people, including their own children as well as some nieces and nephews. Feeding that many people can be very difficult.

Hadiza and Mohammed want to provide good food for all in their care. In Niger, many families depend on small plots of land to grow their own food. Sometimes the crops fail. They do what they can, but sometimes there isn’t enough money to buy enough food for the family.

Hadiza joined a women’s group supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank to learn ways to save money to start a business. She took her savings and opened a small shop where she sells rice and masa, a pancake-like breakfast food made out of millet. She also works with the group to grow vegetables and dry them in the sun, so they can be saved for times when there might not be enough food to eat.

Now Hadiza has enough food and makes enough money to feed her large family.

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