Room at the table for Fairouz from Syria

Fairouz Akkar is the mother of Yousef, Sara, Dana and Micheline. They fled Syria when ISIS attacked their town. ISIS captured a number of men in the town, including her husband. He has not been heard from since. After the attack she fled with her children to Lebanon. “We had to flee or die,” she says.

Once in Lebanon, she learned that her youngest brother, his wife and three children had drowned trying to flee. “I told him not to go,” she said. “But he said he needed to find a safe place for his family.” Two older brothers also tried to make their escape to Europe. One made it. But she hasn’t heard anything from her other brother.

Fairouz is now living in Lebanon. While it is safe, she still struggles to provide for her children. She is one of thousands of Syrian refugees who have benefitted from support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank. She is receiving food vouchers to buy groceries while she tries to survive in a new country.

“Thank you for not forgetting us,” she says. “And please pray for peace.”

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