Room at the table for Binod from India

Binod is a young boy in India whose family belongs to the Malto tribe. They’re often referred to locally as “hill people,” since they live high-up in isolated and difficult-to-access areas.

Because the Malto live in isolated areas, they often have to go to boarding school. But that is expensive. For Binod’s parents, Surender and Surji, it was hard to grow enough food on their tiny plot to live on, much less sell some to get money for school. “If we had a little bit of cash, it usually ended up being used to buy medicine when someone was sick,” says Surender.

Then they learned about animal rearing and vegetable gardening through a program supported by Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Through the program, they received a male goat of a superior breed to what was available locally. Surender bred it with other goats and increased the size of his herd. The goats have now turned a profit for the family. As a result, Binod’s family is able to pay for his schooling.

“Our oldest child never went to school,” his father says. “But I hope Binod will continue and be a doctor.”

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