Room at the table for Angeline from Syria

Angeline is a young girl from Syria. When she was younger, she lived very much like Canadian children do—in a house with her family, in a peaceful city where she went to school and played with other children. But that all changed when the civil war started in 2011.

Angeline’s family fled for safety to neighbouring Jordan, along with many others. At first, they found refuge in a camp. But Angeline’s parents didn’t feel safe there, so they moved. They pitched a tent outside a city, hoping that the war would end so they could go home. There was no plumbing for water or heating to help her stay warm and the tent was quite crowded. She could not go to school and was often hungry.

During this time, Angeline and her family received food each month through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This helped to ensure that Angeline and her family had enough to eat.

Like many other refugee families that have received help, Angeline and her family are waiting for the war to end so they can return and live in safety.

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