Room at the table for Nakuru of South Sudan

Nakuru Lopeeto Lowi lives in Kapoeta, South Sudan. Due to the ongoing conflict and famine, both Nakuru’s parents have died, leaving her to raise her four younger siblings. So instead of going to school like most other teenagers, Nakuru spends her days at home, cooking what food she can find, cleaning and trying to survive.

Nakuru wants to be able to plant okra and sorghum to feed her younger siblings some of the nutrients they need — but can’t, due to drought. Nothing will grow.

“The drought has made life harder,” she says. On top of that, the ongoing conflict has also disrupted agricultural production, created widespread displacement and forced farmers off their land.

Managing to get enough food to eat the next day is a full-time struggle for many in South Sudan, and going to bed hungry is a normal occurrence. More than one million children in South Sudan are acutely malnourished, including 276,000 children who are also severely malnourished, meaning they are “at imminent risk of death,” according to UNICEF.

Fortunately, Nakuru and her siblings are some of the 13,500 people receiving emergency food assistance made possible with funds from Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

It is providing sorghum, beans, oil and salt to people affected by conflict in the region of Kapoeta. The food will help the family get by until Nakuru can plant again. Not only will it nourish the children’s bodies, but it will let them know they are not forgotten.

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