Strengthening Support for Small-Scale Farmers

Good Soil is a food security campaign of Canadian Foodgrains Bank and its members, asking that the Canadian government increase its support for small-scale agriculture in Canada’s international aid programs.

Proposal to increase Canada’s aid for agriculture

We’ve joined with many other organizations to encourage Canada to make a big new investment in small-scale farming.  Our proposal includes 10 approaches relating to agriculture that will help Canada reach many of its development goals.   Click here for more information.

Why this campaign?

Investing in agriculture in developing countries, especially small-scale agriculture, delivers many benefits. It is effective in reducing poverty and overcoming hunger, and contributing to a fairer world.

Canada has a history of being a strong supporter of agricultural development. However, Canada’s aid budget for agricultural development has been steadily declining over the past few years.

Why focus on small-scale farmers?

Small-scale farmers make up the vast majority of farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and many are women. Even though they are food producers, many deal with degraded soils, uncertain climate, and a weak market position, and are therefore food insecure. Small-scale farmers can overcome many of these problems with appropriate investment in training, finance, and infrastructure such as better roads and crop storage.

With some support from aid donors and their own governments, small-scale farmers can improve their own food security, and produce more food to sell. The right kind of investments can lead to sustained economic growth, empower women, enable families to improve nutrition, and equip farmers to adapt to a changing climate.

Get involved!

To achieve our goal of boosting support for agriculture in Canada’s aid program, we need to ensure that the Canadian Government receives this message. We can’t do this without you. Your voice is vital to the success of this campaign. Let him know that you care about small-scale farmers around the world.

You can also contribute to this campaign by communicating with your Member of Parliament about this issue and how it is important to you. Write a letter or email, call your MP’s office or talk to your MP in person and pass on this important message.

Learn more about the issue, and pray for this work, and for those working to improve their own food security.

If you have any questions, or need some support, call us at 1-800-665-0377 or email

You Can Help!