This Christmas, give the gift of food.

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving gifts. As you think of the gifts you will give and receive, why not also give the gift of food to someone who doesn’t have enough to eat in the developing world?

For $12, you can provide a month’s worth of food for one person in an emergency situation; $66 will feed a family of five for the same amount of time.

 You can also buy food on behalf of others on your Christmas list, giving the gift of food in their names. Gift acknowledgement cards are available; see information below.


Gifts you can give are:

  • A gift of $12 provides a food ration for one person for a month.
  • A gift of $66 provides food rations for a family of five for a month.
  • A gift of any amount will be used by the Foodgrains Bank to provide food for those who don’t have enough to eat.

(A food ration consists of cereals, pulses and oil; the price includes the cost of food, delivery and field/staff support.)

Go to our secure online donation page to make a donation for your gift! All donations for Christmas gifts of food rations are tax deductible. You can also call 1.877.665.0377 or mail a cheque to Box 767, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2L4.

Thanks for sharing the gift of food this Christmas!

Gift Cards

If you would like to give a gift of food in the name of someone else, we can provide you with a gift card to send or give to them, or send them a card. You can ask for these cards on our online donation page; select in honour/memory and give us the name and address of the person(s) you would like us to send a card to – remember to indicate it’s for Christmas.

If you would like the cards to give to people, contact Stephanie Ball at to ask for the cards. Please provide your mailing address. Note: If you want cards mailed to people in time for Christmas, please order them by Dec. 5.

You can also download and print cards to give to people on your Christmas list. Click on the links below to select a card.

Each card contains a note that says:
“This Christmas, a donation has been made on your behalf to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to provide a food ration for (one person/a family of five) for one month.”

Click on the card that matches your gift:

A gift of $12 for one person for a month.

A gift of $66 for a family of five for a month.

A card that indicates an unspecified amount has been given on someone’s behalf to the Foodgrains Bank.

The cards will fit on 8 ½ by 11 inch pages; select portrait on your printer if you want them to line up horizontally, or landscape if you would like them to be vertical.

Thanks for sharing the gift of food this Christmas!

You Can Help!

This Christmas, give the gift of food.

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