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Voice Your Support for Ending Global Hunger!

When we come together and speak out about an issue that we care about, our voices make a difference by influencing decision-makers to take action.

One of the ways Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to end global hunger is by influencing public policies. Canadian citizens are important to realizing policy change, by voicing their support and sending personal, handwritten letters or emails to their Members of Parliament.

Tell your member of Parliament you care by writing a letter.

There are many values that we share as Canadians that motivate us to end global hunger, including compassion for others, generosity, equality and justice for the oppressed, fostering a culture of peace and security, and upholding human dignity and rights. But values alone do not create change. Take action to hold governments and decision-makers accountable on these issues.

International assistance is falling while global needs are growing

While we have made considerable progress in reducing hunger, more than 800 million people still go to bed hungry. In the past, Canada has been a leader in responding to the needs of people in the developing world. More recently, Canadian aid has declined.

Currently, there are numerous hunger crises resulting from conflict, drought, and natural disasters made worse by climate change. Canada, as a rich country that prides itself in compassion and generosity, should be doing more to help those who are most in need.

What can you do?

Write to your Member of Parliament

Send a personal letter to your Member of Parliament encouraging the Canadian government to increase its commitment to international assistance, so that more people can enjoy full, peaceful and productive lives. Remember to encourage them to convey this message to the Minster of International Development.

Find contact information for your Member of Parliament at www.ourcommons.ca

Alternatively, write an email to your Member of Parliament. A well-written, personal email can also be effective in reaching your MP. Use the subject line “Increased Commitment to Canadian Aid,” and be sure to copy the Prime Minister and the Minister of International Development.

Remember to include your postal address in your letter or email.

After you send your letter or email, please tell us about it! Click here to send us a quick message. Or fill out a short reporting form here.

See the Harvest of Letters resource to help get you started!

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Be an advocate for ending global hunger!

Your voice makes a difference.

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