Group Activity: Stone Soup

Inspired by the folk tale Stone Soup, this activity invites groups to share a meal together and to demonstrate how much is available if people share. This activity also highlights the importance of food allocation and access.

The resource includes a guide for leading activities around the Stone Soup story, as well as recipes, suggestions for related activities, and links to supplementary learning and reflection resources.

Click here to download the resource.

Learning objective: To have students learn more about food allocation and access and to recognize the value in sharing what we have.
Skills: Cooking (if youth are preparing the food), analysis, reflection, listening comprehension, sharing/contributing
Recommended time: About an hour and a half to prepare and eat the meal, plus time to prepare and do the supplementary activities. The proposed activities could also be spread out over a few sessions.
Recommended grade level:
All ages
Subjects: Home economics (cooking), health & wellness, social studies / global issues, English /language arts, bible study
Keywords: Hunger, sharing, activity