Helping End Hunger in Kenya – Worksheet and Activities

A short video about some of the challenges facing rural Kenyans, particularly the issue of deforestation, and responses to support people in need. A worksheet with questions based on the video is provided, as is background information for the teacher and a supplementary science experiment.

Click here for the full activity including the worksheet.

Click here to access the video.

Learning  objectives: To learn about causes of food insecurity in Kenya and how deforestation and soil erosion cause of hunger.
Skills: Listening comprehension, critical thinking, interpretation of information, vocabulary
Recommended time: 30-45 minutes, plus at least 30 minutes for an optional post-viewing activity
Recommended grade level:  Grades 9-12, Ages 15-18
Subjects: Social studies / global issues, science (biology), geography (physical)

Keywords: Lesson plan, desertification, sub-Saharan Africa, food for work, hunger, Kenya