Earth Day 2014

Earth Day Worship: New Heaven, New Earth

The earth is the Lord’s …

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Every April 22, over 190 countries mark Earth Day. The day, which dates back to 1970, was created as a way for people to show care for the earth.

For Christians, every day is earth day—every day is a day to thank God for the gift of this good earth. But in April we can take special time to join millions of other people around the globe by spending some time in prayer, reflection and celebration for the our life together on this planet.

In this package of resources you will find prayers, readings, song suggestions and other resources to help your congregation mark Earth Day. If the Sunday closest to Earth Day doesn’t work for your congregation, any Sunday in spring (or any other time of the year) will work, too.

Earth Day is also a time when Canadian Foodgrains Bank supporters can show their support for poor people in the developing world who are facing challenges due to a changing climate—changes that threaten their livelihoods and their very lives.

One way churches and individuals can show their support is through the Foodgrains Bank Climate Fund, which raises money to help farmers adapt to a changing climate. Also in this packet you will find an activity your church can do to calculate how much carbon members generate driving to worship services, and then make a contribution to the Climate Fund to help farmers affected by changing weather patterns in the developing world.

In Psalm 104 it says: “When you send forth your spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground.” On Earth Day, we invite you to join us, and other Christians around the world, in celebrating God’s goodness through the earth—and by helping those in the developing world who face serious challenges from a changing climate.

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