Canadian Foodgrains Bank Joins Zero Hunger Challenge

Monday, December 09, 2013

Announcement made on Human Rights Day

Canadian Foodgrains Bank has joined the United Nations Zero Hunger Challenge.

The Zero Hunger Challenge, issued by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon earlier this year, aims to ensure that every man, woman and child enjoys the human right to adequate food.

Through the challenge, the world’s governments, civil society, business, labour unions, consumer groups and the scientific community are being call on to ensure that everyone has access to adequate food all year round; that there will be zero stunted children under two years of age; that food systems are sustainable; that there will be an increase in smallholder farmer productivity and income; and zero loss or waste of food.

“These elements of the Zero Hunger Challenge are interconnected,” says David Nabarro, who is the Special Representative to the Secretary-General for Food Security and Nutrition. “The Secretary-General calls on all the world’s nations to play their role in realizing the vision and encourages all of us, wherever we live, to play our part in making it happen.”

To date, over 6,600 groups and individuals are participating through social media, along with 15 multi-stakeholder civil society organizations such as the Foodgrains Bank.

“The challenge and work of ending hunger resonates with the core values of the Foodgrains Bank,” says Executive Director Jim Cornelius.

“We are excited that the UN Secretary General is making ending hunger a critical issue. We support the initiative and encourage others to join these efforts.”

For Public Engagement Coordinator James Kornelsen, the announcement of the Foodgrains Bank’s participation in the Zero Hunger Challenge on December 10 is especially significant.

“On Human Rights day, we want to remember that everyone has a right to adequate food,” he says, adding that “as Christians, we believe that it is God’s desire that no person should go hungry.”

For more information and to participate in the Zero Hunger Challenge people can visit their website.

Photo 2: Rhonda Harder Epp (Canada) Bringing it Home: Carrots

Photo 3: Samarin Mihail Petrovich (Ukraine) Growth

Both art pieces part of the Just Food Art Exhibit: the right to food from a faith perspective.

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