The people of South Sudan need your help.

Hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese people are facing hunger. In late February, famine was declared by the United Nations in some parts of South Sudan, affecting 100,000 people. An additional one million people are on the brink of famine.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country. Since December 2013, conflict between government forces have trapped millions of innocent people in its crossfire.

About 1.8 million people are displaced from their homes within South Sudan, and about 1.5 million people have fled out of South Sudan into neighbouring countries. (Source: UNHCR)

Many of those who are displaced are small-scale farmers, who depend on growing their own food in order to survive.

Now living in protection camps and host communities far from their farms, they are unable to plant their crops. Many people are struggling to feed their families.

4.9 million people, over 40 percent of the South Sudanese population, are in need of urgent food assistance.

4.9 million people, over 40 percent of the South Sudanese population, are in need of urgent food assistance.

Our work in South Sudan

Foodgrains Bank members have provided emergency support over the past several years of the conflict.

In and around the capital city of Juba, Foodgrains Bank member World Relief Canada is providing emergency food to people displaced by conflict and the families that are hosting them through a project totaling $432,000.

In the neighboring country of Uganda, where almost 700,000 South Sudanese refugees have fled, Foodgrains Bank member Emergency Relief & Development Overseas is providing special nutritionally-fortified food to pregnant and nursing mothers to supplement the rations they are receiving through other sources.

What you can do.

Donate: Help us provide food for people displaced by violent conflict in South Sudan. Click here to donate now. *

Pray:  Pray for a swift end to the conflict, and that the people of South Sudan would know the presence of God during their fear and pain. Click here for a prayer about conflict written specifically for the South Sudan crisis.

Learn: Learn more about the situation in South Sudan. A good source of information is the World Food Programme South Sudan page.  Also check out the articles from the Foodgrains Bank below.

Thanks for supporting the people of South Sudan!

*Donations in excess of what is needed for our response in South Sudan will be used to help others caught in food crises, such as Syria, where millions of people continue to be in need of assistance.

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Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s response in South Sudan is undertaken with support from the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada,  which matches funding from the Foodgrains Bank for emergency food aid in that country on a 4:1 basis.

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