Over 20 million people in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen are at risk of starvation due to famine.

If the world doesn’t respond soon, millions of people could  die for lack of food. In parts of South Sudan, famine has already been declared by the United Nations. This means some have already started dying of hunger.

You can help!

Even the smallest gifts make a difference to a baby in need of emergency therapeutic food, or a mother who has walked with her children a long distance in search of food and water.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is already responding in South Sudan, Nigeria and Somalia. Your gift will help us, through our members, reach more people in desperate need in those countries, and other places in the region experiencing hunger conditions.

The Government of Canada is matching donations from individual Canadians to our Famine Appeal until June 30 through its Famine Relief Fund.

This means that when you make a donation to our Famine Appeal, the government will match that amount and put their match into their Famine Relief Fund.

After June 30, organizations responding to these four crises will be chosen by the government to receive funds from their Famine Relief Fund. This means your matched donation does not necessarily go to the Foodgrains Bank, although it will still be used to help end hunger.

Donations to the Foodgrains Bank that are designated to these crises are also eligible to be matched on a 4:1 basis through our regular ongoing grant agreement with the Government of Canada.

It’s not too late to make a difference. Please donate now!

How is the Foodgrains Bank responding?

South Sudan

Through our member World Relief Canada, the Foodgrains Bank is working to set up clinics in famine-affected areas where malnourished children and mothers can receive emergency food to bring them back to health, and have their growth and weight monitored.

Read a story about a little girl named Martha whose life was saved because of this program.

In other parts of South Sudan we are providing emergency food rations to families who have been forced from their homes because of violence.


In Somalia, a country where countless people depend upon livestock for their livelihoods, a prolonged drought means animals are dying off and those that are left are being sold off at low prices.

Through its members ADRA Canada and Emergency Relief & Development Overseas, the Foodgrains Bank is providing emergency food as well as cash vouchers redeemable for food products at approved local stores.


Boko Haram, a militant group based in Nigeria, has created chaos in the north-east area of the country. The region is already a poor, and the insurgency of Boko Haram has left it devastated. Insecurity means farmers haven’t been able to plant their crops. 14 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Through our member World Renew, the Foodgrains Bank is providing food vouchers for 750 vulnerable families living in Maiduguri, the epicenter of the insurgency.

We are also developing additional responses to the hunger crises in these regions.

We also invite you to pray for people affected by famine. Here are some prayers for people affected by the current hunger crisis.

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You Can Help!

Even the smallest gifts make a difference to a baby in need of emergency therapeutic food, or a mother who has walked with her children a long distance in search of food and water.

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